Blood Circulation Problems

Poor blood flow can be present in any area of the body, especially in the feet, face and hands. You can find several causes of poor blood flow, such as blood vessel disorders, heart disorders, varicose veins and anemia.

Normally the symptoms of blood circulation problems tend to be localized towards the area where there is actually an insufficient amount of circulation.

Blood Circulation Problems Symptoms

The main reason that you tend to disregard the subtle warning signs of circulation problems, that eventually impairs our own circulatory systems till we face life-threatening problems for example, stroke and heart attack, diabetes. Poor blood flow affects several body parts however is actually most risky to the main organs in particular. The impacts of circulation issues on different areas of the body are listed below:

1. Limbs - Blood flow problems within the limbs could be shown by the symptoms, like tingling numbness or cramping in legs or arms and also in varicose veins.

2. Kidneys - The part from the kidneys is always to eliminate waste materials from your body and thus it is no wonder that poor blood flow for the kidneys can cause hypertension, raise the heart rate as well as cause swelling inside the extremities including the feet and hands.

3. Liver - Impaired blood flow for the liver can reduce it's affect appetite and function, cause weight reduction and then leave your skin looking unhealthy.

4. Heart - Poor blood circulation to heart may result in chest pain, higher cholesterol, high blood pressure levels and poor stamina whenever carrying out any type of workout for instance a short walk that is likely to make you somewhat breathless.

5. Brain - Lowered blood flow to the brain decreases its ability to function at ideal levels, causing concentration and poor memory, lethargy, impaired clarity, dizzy spells, frequent headaches and reduces alertness.

Improve Blood Circulation

It is not really difficult to improve your blood circulation. Physical activity and exercise is a couple of the simplest and best ways to get it done. If you work on a desk, get regular breaks each and every hour and walk around or stretch out for 5 to 10 minutes. Have a short walk in your lunch hour. Go ahead and take stairways with the elevator and playground your vehicle more away from the building to get a little extra exercise every morning and afternoon.

Add Some Spiced to Your Life: A tasty method to improve the circulation of blood would be to include particular foods and spices or herbs into your diet plan. Citrus fresh fruits have an abundant level of vitamin C that helps to keep your blood circulation and maintain plaque through building up inside your blood vessels. It does this using a mild anticoagulant effect. Whenever your blood vessel is thinner that flows inside your arteries better therefore increasing your blood circulation.

Massage and Hydrotherapy: There are numerous methods to increase the circulation of blood and reduce high blood pressure levels are simply by hydro massage therapy and massage therapy. With Therapeutic massage, pressure points around the foot souls, lower legs and ankles are massaged, stimulating the muscle tissues which press blood returning to the heart.

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