Causes of Cancer, What are the Causes of Cancer

Many people do not understand that cancer is avoidable in many cases. Knowing what are the causes of cancer as well as what are the risk factors will actually be the initial step in preventing the cancer. Several risk factors of cancer can easily be avoided, which will reduce the probability of developing cancer.

Causes of Cancer

The National Cancer Institute has proved that 30% of cancer deaths in United States is because of smoking as well as smoking is accountable for 87% of lung cancer cases. Apart from causing the lung cancer, smoking is also responsible for cervical, pancreatic, stomach and kidney cancers and acute myeloid leukemia disease. Stopping smoking immediately reduces the risk factor of cancer.

What are the Causes of Cancer

The basic causes for cancer are the stimulation of proto-oncogenes into oncogenes coupled with inactivation of the tumor suppressing genes. But this should be accompanied by a number of factors in and around the cell involved becoming favorable. Anything contributing to making these factors favorable for development of cancer could be called carcinogen (cancer causing agent). Carcinogens could be physical, chemical or biological.

1. Physical carcinogens: UV radiation of the sun, X- radiation (when frequently used), gamma rays and similar emissions due radioactivity are well known physical agents for cancer.

2. Chemical carcinogens: There are several cancer-causing chemicals such as soot, coal tar, mineral oils, arsenic, asbestos etc.

3. Biological carcinogens: These are mostly viruses. Specific viruses such as HIV, RSV (Reus Sarcoma Virus), Herpes simplex Virus are well known carcinogens. HIV is known to cause Kaposis Sarcoma and RSV is known to cause chicken sarcoma.

4. Certain habits: Such as tobacco-smoking, tobacco chewing etc., can also lead to cancer. y. Certain types of cancer are known to be hereditary. e.g.: Retinoblastoma.

Prevention from Cancer

At least exercise 30 minutes everyday and at least 5 day in a week, this reduces the risk factors of the cancer significantly. The activities like aerobics, yoga, running and walking are the best which will help you reduce the risk factors of cancer.

Physical Activities are not only good for preventing dangerous diseases, but also it helps to avoid becomming obese and obesity is reponsible for different types cancers.

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