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Most of these experiences they try to determine what is the physics that we know. Whereas the particles act one on another one, and what new progress can be made in science. These experiences in the particle physics indicate much new information on the formation of the great theory of blow, all the life, the universe and antimatters of paper much still more.

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The experience of the particle physics uses the devices the pluses advance payments are called the accelerating, that provide accelerated in charge particles hits or fusion or of other experimental conditions. The detectors are devices that detect the antiparticle experience. The paper of the antimatter is the opposite load. Once said that the matter and the antimatter took place the same amount during the big bang, but no antimatter now was in the universe. current experiences to dig this information.While writing phrases if any one wants to explain an action performed by a person, people can add the quality of the action and how much time taken to perform an action by that person, etc.

Example, let us take a sentence Jack walked to the bus stop”. We all can use as many as adverbs to describe how jack walked. We can say “Jack quickly walked to the bus stop”, or “Jack easily walked to the bus stop”. The first phrase, “quickly” expresses Jack could have walked much slowly. We can also see that the second phrase describes the same meaning and we can consider that “easily” makes more sense that jack walked to the bus stop with out any problems, even if he did not reach the bus stop fast.


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