Calculus Homework Help, What is Calculus

Calculus can be explained as one of the great achievement of the human intellect. The foundation of calculus, developed by Leibniz and Newton, has functioned as the principle quantitative languages of Western science for 3 centuries and has illuminated the most fundamental question asked in math, engineering, the physical sciences and the biological and social sciences. In the current scenario, calculus functions as the foundation of undergraduate math curriculum and there are only a few branches of pure math which does not use calculus topic.

What is Calculus

Calculus is the branch of math that focuses on integrals, differentiation, limits, infinite series, and functions. Calculus plays a vital role in the part of modern math education system. It contains 2 major branches namely, integral calculus and differential calculus.

In simple words, we can say calculus can be explained as study of change, just like geometry that is concentrated on shape and measures.

Calculus Example

Here is an example, let us find the derivatives y' of y = x2, Assume o to be small but a non-zero quantity.

Calculus Example

Considering o = 0 we resolve that y' = 2x. These are a significant and, in point of fact, correct answer. But as per Berkeley, it's been deduced by both allowing o to be non-zero and zero in the similar breath. Berkeley rightly found absolutely objectionable.

Calculus Applications

Calculus is applied in different streams like, computer science, economics, demography, physical science, engineering, actuarial science, statistics and other business.

It is also applied in other fields where we need optimal solution and the problem is mathematically modeled.

Calculus is also applied in the field of physics, in the topics like electromagnetism and classical mechanics.

For example, when we need to find the density, total energy and moment of inertia can be found with the use of calculus.

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